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My apologies to those of you who are not on the Kidology Facebook group for my failure to up date this site about Kidology 2016

I have come to the conclusion that I will take a year off.
The venue where we have always held it, as those of you who come to Kidology will know, is closed this year for major alterations. I was to a degree reluctant to move elsewhere. It seems that there have been problems with the alterations and apart from opening for a brief time in October it will remain closed probably next year as well.
Also the IBM Convention has been moved to the week when Kidology has traditionally taken place. I have a number of projects on this year which will make it difficult to devote the considerable amount of time necessary to organize the convention. I rely on a very small team to run Kidology and I canít easily delegate the more time consuming aspects of the job to them.

I will continue to share the organization of Ventarama the UK Convention for Ventriloquists with Shane West and we have a great line up there again. This is taking place at a Social Club, The Saunders in Bedworth. Those of us that have been in the business any length of time owe a great deal to the working mens clubs and the like. A lot have fallen by the wayside but there are some like this one that have been refurbished and continue to regularly feature live entertainment. We were keen to support a live entertainment venue as we did at the Slade Rooms.

I will also be running a Kidology UK one day skill course and details pf that are set out below. There will only be a small number of places available. This will take place on the day following Ventarama at the same venue.

To those of you have faithfully supported Kidology from the outset - thank you.





Dov Citron has kindly agreed to share his Entertaining wth Science Formula in a special KidologyUK one day training course for a strictly limited number of registrants.

There are quite a number of people and companies providing magic of science school educational programmes but this system comes in from a different angle.

With no claims to be an educational programme Dov will set about teaching you to use your skills as an entertainer, coupled with scientific principles and experiments to create an exciting and unique type of show that can be used in many ways at a whole range of events. Dov has even tapped into a source of bookings that we think very few people have been able explore.

The cost of the day is £95 and you will leave fully equipped to get going right way with this new extension to your business.

You will be given;
A series of internet links to revise the items you have been taught. An opportunity for one to one contact with Dov after the event.
Notes and advice on marketing your new product.
Full contact details about where to obtain the necessary chemicals and details of how to obtain a licence if required.
A complete set of equipment to get you started with your first few shows .
You will not need to purchase anything on the day but will have the opportunity to do so.
The day will run from 9.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m. and lunch will be provided free of charge

The venue is that being used for Ventarama this year, The Saunders, Saunders Ave, Bedworth, CV12 8RJ .


Contact Albion Magic by post: The Albion Magic Company, 8, Florence Grove, West Bromwich B71 3LL
On the web:
By telephone: 07831 115448
By email: Click here for email

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